What can make people die during sex?

by Fingacare
make people die during sex

Do you want to know what makes people die during sex? Here are some of the common issues that used to cause it and how you can avoid them.

According to Medicinenet, death during intercourse is a common issue that many people experience but have you ever wondered what causes it?

3 factors that can make people die during sex

Several factors can lead to this ugly occurrence and some of them include;

Having intercourse after major surgeries

Several studies have shown that getting intimate immediately after any major surgery can heighten your risk of dying during the process.

That is why it is important to gradually resume intercourse after major surgeries.

People who have recently undergone cardiac surgery or suffered a heart attack should take note of this.

 Heart disease

Research has shown that heart disease accounts for most death cases during intercourse.

This is because, during intercourse, a life-threatening arrhythmia (rapid, irregular heart rate) can be triggered.

If you have heart disease, try to seek medical help immediately to avoid complications.

Male organ fracture

Many people trivialise this condition but it can lead to death when not handled on time.

This is mainly due to resistance from any hard surface during intimacy.

The pain may be short-lived, or it may continue.

All men should take note of this.

I hope you have now understood what can make people die during sex.

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