80 Cute names to call your boyfriend and keep his heart burning for you forever

by Fingacare
names to call your boyfriend

In this article, you’ll discover 100 cute names to call your boyfriend and keep his heart burning for you always.

What makes a relationship unique, sweet and healthy is communication and romantic names are part of that communication.

Calling your man sweet nicknames will not only make him love you rather it’ll enhance your relationship for greater.

So this post contains the best cutest names to call your boyfriend.

All of the nicknames are very unique and romantic.

So your guy will love them.

All you’ve to do is to pick as many as you can to nail him to yourself forever.

Are you ready for this?

I think you do,

So let’s get into it.

The best cute names to call your boyfriend and melt his heart.

Here’s the list of the best nicknames to call your boyfriend and wow him below:

1. Baby
2. Babe
3. Dear
4. Sweetie
5. Sweetheart
6. My dear
7. Love
8. My love
9. Joy giver
10. My Joy giver
11. My Gift
12. My only gift
13. Boo
14. Bobo
15. Daddy
16. My one and only
17. My heart
18. My heart scratcher
19. Pain killer
20. My Pain killer
21. Adam
22. Heart steeler
23. My heart steeler
24. The father of my unborn child
25. King
26. The king
27. My king
28. Ihotu kum
29. My peace
30. My peace giver

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriends

31. Good-looking

32. Handsome

33. Stud

34. Prince Charming

35. Casanova

36. Knight In Shining Armor

37. Bugs

38. Beau

38. Loverboy

39. Honeybun

40. PIC (partner-in-crime)

Sweet Nicknames For Your Husband

41. Bubba

42. Love of my life

43. Stud-muffin

44. Honey

45. Bo

46. Dearest

47. Dream Boat

48. Hunk

49. Lovey-dovey

50. McDreamy

51. My beloved

52. Captain

53. Old man

54. Sugarpie

55. Another half

56. Honey butter biscuit

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57.  Sugar snap pea

Cute Nicknames To Call Your New Boyfriend

58. New angel

59. New babe

60. Sweety

61. Prince

62. My happiness

63. Booboo

64. Gold

65. My Gold

66. Winner

67. Father of my unborn children

68. Playmate

69. My priority

70. Only handsome in the world

71. My heart cracker

72. Only one for me

73. Champion

74. Biz mugu

75. My first son

76. Cute Dad

77. Precious baby

78. Precious baby

78. Precious King

79. Queen Maker

80. My heart calmer

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