170 Lovely Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend To Make Her Madly In Love With You

by Fingacare
Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

If you are looking for adorable cute names to call your girlfriend then you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover tons of cute names to call your girlfriend to make her more in love with you.

From the olden days till now, lots of people use adorable nicknames to express their love and how they feel to their partners.


It’s because it is one of the best things ladies wanted to hear.

In fact, they love it so much and they expect it from their man.

It makes them feel lovely and welcoming.

Ladies love men that call them sweet nicknames so if you don’t use to, then it’s high time for you to start doing so.

In case you may don’t know which cute nicknames to call your girlfriend then this article got you covered.

Are you ready to discover sweet nicknames for your girlfriend now?

If so, then let’s begin…

100 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend To Make Her Deeply Fall In Love with you

Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend couple

Are you ready for this?

I think so.

1. Honey

This is one of the most popular nicknames people used to call their girlfriend and it’s one of the oldest Nicknames for a lover but it still works well to date.

It often uses when we want to ask for a favour from our partner.

E.g. Honey are you there? can you please bring me my phone? 

2. Babe (s)

Babe is also a common name among lovers too but is still powerful.

My girlfriend loves it so much.

Your girlfriend doesn’t have to be literally small or younger than you for you to use this name.

3. Sweetheart, sweetie or sweety

This is the sweetest nickname to call someone you love so much.

It expresses your honest love for her and makes her feel comfortable around you.

4. Baby

Baby is really cool to call your girlfriend because it really makes her feel love around you. It can also be used by both partners.

5. Princess

When your girlfriend is very special to you, you can easily make her feel such royalty.

6. My All

This is good to call her when she is really supportive.

Because a supportive woman is a gift from God Almighty Himself. They are very few out there, so if you have one don’t hesitate to call here your ALL.

7. My happiness

If she is the reason behind your happiness then why not give have this lovable nickname.

She will love it and make you happier than you ever imagined.

8. My joy giver

This is similar to the number seven above but it is more fun than that.

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9. Angel or my angel 

This is the best soft name for someone who is as unique and pure as an angel.

It is one of the cute nicknames to call your girlfriend.

10. My Love

Love is one of the cute nicknames to call your girlfriend. You can also use words like “belove”, My beloved, and “Love” to call her.

11. Dear

This is the most common nickname that has been ever used in relationships.

It’s now become a cliche but it’s still powerful and effective to call your girlfriend.

12. Boo

Boo isn’t just another popular love name, it’s one of the cute names to call your girlfriend or wife.

13. Mother of my unborn child

This is good for a lady that you truly want to get married to. It speaks to her indirectly that you want to marry her and make yours forever.

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14. Sweetie pie – It is an idea for someone you cherish so much.

15. Honeypie – Good for women who love to be petted.

16. Sunshine – If she brings light and hopes to you then why not call your sunshine?

17. Sweetpea – It is for a girl that is sweet all around. If your girlfriend is sweet all around to you then call her sweetpea

18. Lovey – For a very lovely lady that is very attracted to you.

19. Dove – If she is gentle and pure like a dove, should name her dove.

19. Pumpkin – It is good for the girl who is bright, intelligent, adorable, beautiful, and cute.

20. Honey pumpkin – For a beautiful smart sweet girl.

21. Cutie – For a very cute girl.

22. Cutie pie – For a very beautiful girl

23. Babycakes – When she is very potable and sweet

24. Honey bunny/ Hunny Bunny – Bunnies are beautiful just like her. So this name honey bunny or Hunny bunny is great for her.

25. Muffin – an individual cup-shaped quick bread made with wheat flour, cornmeal, or the like, and baked in a pan (muffin pan ) containing a series of cuplike forms.

26. Precious – If she is unique then this name is for her.

27. One and only – The only one in your life that make your life worthwhile

28. Truelove – For a girlfriend, you love so much and she loves you the same way too.

29. Beautiful – For a very attractive and pretty girlfriend.

30. Gorgeous – If she is very pretty and magnificent then her nickname is gorgeous.

31. Little lamb – For short humble beautiful damsel.

32. Baby-doll/Baby-kins – The girl is pretty, kind, helpful, and flawless.

33. Blossom – When she is beautiful like flowers and makes you smile all the time.

34. Buttercup – For a joyful sunny lady

35. Button – The girl put you organized and take good care of you

36. Cupcake – If she is sweet and yummy

37. Gumdrop – This word has been used over time and is always used for a very firm lady. So if she is firm then she gets a new name.

38. Love-bug – If she cages you with her love and beautiful face

39. Pudding – For a very sweet and loving girlfriend.

40. Tootsie – For a young woman, especially one perceived as being sexy and cute

41. Shorty – For a short kind beautiful girl but you have to know her personality before calling her this name because some girls may be found it offense so beware.

42. Wifey – Best for someone you love so much and want to make her your future wife.

43. Bubbles – If she is more intense and approachable.

44. Snookums – For someone easily express her feeling with demonstration.

45. Pookie – If she likes to pinch or pluck you

46. Cinderella – When she is your princess…I mean when you value her like a princess then call Cinderella.

47. Hotcake – When she always grab your attention with her hot sexy body or looking.

48. Hottie – For hot girls

49. Hot meal – For a girl that always seduces you with her body and looking

50. Hot pie – For a very attractive hot girl.

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51. Sugar – For a hot girl that is sweet like sugar.

51. My tea – Someone who loves to give you an early morning kiss

52. Yummy yummy – For a highly attractive and desirable girlfriend.

53. Darling – For a lovable or endearing person

54. Daisy – When she is very beautiful like a daisy flower.

55. My heart scratcher – Someone whose words go straight to your heart and make you behave according to the words.

56. Lovebug – If you can’t do away without her love then this is the right nickname for her.

57. Apple of my eye – A girl whose love is the center in your mind and you cherish her so much.

58. Honeybunch – If she is dearest

59. Peach – For an exceptionally good or attractive person.

60. My Queen – When you treat her like a queen. Then this is the best name to call her.

61. Cutie patootie – For a very sweet loveable girl or a girlfriend or attractive young woman

62. Doll – For an attractive young woman, a generous or considerate person

63. Charming princess – No explanation for this. You definitely know what it means.

64. Cockroach in my cardboard – For a girl that is around you all the time.

65. My sweet potato – This is common in Nigeria but it’s good for all lovers around the world to use it too. If she is sweet like a potato why not give her this name.

66. Sexy baby – If she is sexy and attractive then she gets a new romance name.

67. Buttercup – For a hot sweet loving girl.

68. Dreamgirl – If she is your dream girl or when she is the type of girl that you’ve been dreaming of.

69. Butterfly – When she is very light, beautiful, and portable like the butterfly.

70. Sparky – When you see or touch her you got spark. Then this is for her.

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71. Apple – She is cute, sweet, and delicious like Apple

72. Black Diamond – If she is black and yet beautiful and precious as a diamond. These cute nicknames for your girlfriend only work when she accepts them.

73. Diamond – When is beautiful and precious like a diamond. It’s for a pure-hearted precious girl.

74. Smile Maker – When she used to make you smile always even in your saddest time.

75. Destiny – If she brings hope to you and you think she can help you fulfill your destiny.

76. Care Bear – When she takes good care of you

77. CareTaker – when she takes charge of your general warfare

78. Cute Mama – The lady of your life who takes care of you & your kids. Works best at intimate times.

79. My Fighter – For the girl who fights you a lot of quarrels you so much.

80. Cupcake – When she’s attractive and sweet.

81. Brainy – For a brilliant girlfriend.

82. Lucky – When she brings lots of luck and good moments to your life.

83. Melody – For a girl that loves music so much or likes to sing sweet songs to you.

84. Lucky Charm – For a lady who attracts tons of luck and goodies to your life.

85. My Hope – When you think she is your hope or brings your hope to life.

86. Smiley – For a girl who loves to smile always.

87. Giggle Mug – For amusing person; a joke.

88. Shoppy – For a girl that loves to shop very well and is also fashionable.

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Sweet names to call your girlfriend

Sweet names to call your girlfriend

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

89. Supergirl – Best for a girl you refer to as a super person or have a superpower to get things done effectively.

90. Summer – She brings warm whether to your life.

91. Teddy Bear – For an extremely cute, huggable girl.

92. Wonderful – For a wonderfully made girl and a wonderful friend to you.

93. My Miracle – When she used to bring miracles to your life or you got to know her by chance.

94. Bestie – When she is the best friend in your life or your most preferred girl

95. Energizer – For a girl that used to push you to achieve your dream or greater things.

96. Motivator – For a girl that used to motivate you to do more and learn more in life.

97. Diva – For a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please

98. Softie – When her body and mine are soft towards you. I mean she is fragile.

99. Virtue – A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.

100. Moonshine – When she brings cool friendly light like moonlight to you in your darkest time.

101. My backbone – When she loves to support you all the time

102. Love Genie – When you love you or you love her magically

103. Vogue – For a very fashionable lady

104. Time Stealer – When you love to be with her all the time and she doesn’t want you to be without her at all.

105. Heaven Sent – When you feel like she is a God sent to your life.

106. My Dreamy – When you have dreamed of having her and you finally did.

107. Sugar Cube – When she is very sweet and packaged like a cube of sugar

108. Kit Kat – For a girl who is as sweet as chocolate.

109. Honey Bun – She is nice and sweet all around.

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Unique Nicknames For Girlfriend

(cute names to call your girlfriend)

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110. Charmy – For a very charming girl

111. My pain Killer – If she used to make you quickly forget your hard moments, then give her this Nickname.

112. Smarty – When she feels smarter than you or you think she’s smart

113. Superwoman – she is very strong emotionally and physically

114. Peaches – An exceptionally good or attractive woman

115. Hottie – Hot lovely girl. When you always feel hot around her.

116. My Valentine – When you love going out with her or a very loveable girl.

It’s the true romantic name for her without any doubt.

Hearing this name, the girl will feel happy to the core.

117. Juliet – You’re her Romeo and she should be your Juliet 

118. Dreamboat – She is leading you to your promised lands.

119. Miss Fabulous -For a very good; wonderful girlfriend

120. Babylicious – If you treat her as a baby; pamper or be overprotective of her.

121. Kitty Cat – It’s a pet name you should give your girlfriend.

122. Hearty – She has a very good heart towards you and others

123. Sweet Lips/Sugar Lips – If she has a very sweet lip and knows how to use it very well for the purpose of good.

124. Lover Girl – Woman who love is her hobby

125. Flower – She is beautiful as a frower and she’s very attractive like a flower too.

126. Sweet pot – For an enjoyable person. Someone that you always enjoy your time with her

127. Pretty Lady – An attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful. She’s pretty.

128. Fine girl – When she’s beautiful

129. Home Maker – She’s a homemaker…she make your home a place to live in and feel comfortable.

Naughty nickname to call your naughty girlfriend

naughty Nicknames for girlfriend

130. Little Monkey – It’s a really naughty nickname to call your naughty girlfriend.

131. Monkey Muffins – Best to call your gooey girlfriend

132. Angry bird – She angry easily

133. Comedy Central – When she makes you laugh very often.

134. Laughing tank – She is a source of laughter or funny lady. This Nickname is worth mentioning in the list of cute names to call your girlfriend and spark her up for more love.

135. Wikipedia / Dictionary – When she thinks she knows everything

136. Wookie – It’s the best nickname to call a girlfriend. Whenever she enters the room, she would make others laugh.

137. Shortie – She’s beautiful and cute but short

138. Taller – When she’s taller than you or she feel above you.

139. My Wheels – If she keeps you moving smoothly or you depend on her to meet immediate needs

140. Heart breaker – She breaks your heart often. Or surprised you often.

141. Miss surprise – She loves to surprise you all the time. She loves to come around unexpected etc.

142. The Boss – She feels in charge and superior

143. Iron Lady – Hard woman

144. Big mama – Little older or bigger than you

145. Madan In Charge – She feels superior over you.

146. DragonFly – Symbol of transformation. If the girl is constantly changing from one to the other for some better reason.

147. My Generator – She empowers you.

148. My charger – She gives you high tension you desire to keep borning for more.

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8 Funny names for girlfriend

Funny names for girlfriend

149. Magic – When she loves to appear and disappear without informing you.

150. Doughnut – When she hooks herself around you

151. Baby Cakes – For a sweet and hot person

152. Firecracker – For an angry girl. this means she can easily get angry.

153. Yellow Butterfly – For a fair beautiful and decent lady

154. Tigress – She is slim bold and sharp.

155. Mama gee – For a tough and hard woman

156. Hot mama – Sweet hot big girl

Romantic names to call your girlfriend (cute names to call your girlfriend)

Romantic names to call your girlfriend

157. Magnificent – When she is the epitome of beauty and romance then this is her name.

158. My heart robber – If she makes you happy all the time and used to cool your temper.

159. Valentine – It’s the true romantic name for her without any doubt. Hearing this name, the girl will feel happy to the core.

160. My food – It’s of the uncommon cute names to call your girlfriend. Best uses when you are about to make love with your girlfriend.

161. Assurance – Calling someone your assurance inspires their confidence and gives them hope, it is an assertion of who that person is to you. So it’s one of the best romantic names to call your girlfriend.

162. Sugar in my tea – This shows her how you feel or enjoy her present with you.

163. My heart desire – Shes is the only woman your heart is always yearning or burning for.

164. Soul mate – A soul mate is believed by most people to be the deepest term for the one you love to describe how much you love them.

165. My Star – It is a sweet name to call the one you love, it makes them feel precious and admired, and love you even more.

166. The only love of My life – Love of my life is a double dose of romance, it combines love, the greatest power on earth and life, the greatest creation, and together they become eternity.

167. My Everything – This name notify her that you don’t value anything other than her. This means it will strengthen her emotion towards you.

168. My passion – You desire her all your life

169. Super baby – You let her know how important how she is to you refer her to a super baby.

170.  The only woman in my Life – Women love to hear this very much because they don’t want to share their boyfriend with no other woman. So by calling her this, will increase her love towards you.


A final thought on Nicknames to call your girlfriend

I hope in this list of cute names to call your girlfriend, you found some great sweet, funny, romantic, and naughty nicknames to call your girlfriend.

To maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend require you to use various tactics to make it happen.

That’s why you need to call her names that please her heart.

If you haven’t been doing this, I encourage you to do that and see.

Women love it and I promise you it would definitely going to spark your relationship for the better.

So, what are your favorite cute names to call your girlfriend?

Remember, if you have any questions or inclusion don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Happy relationship and bye for now.

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